Turkish Coffee Fortune Teller, Psychic Coffee Reading, Fortune Telling, Turkish Coffee Cup Reading, Full Psychic Reading, Coffee Cup Reading

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    ✡︎ I am Elina, I have years of experience in Coffee fortune teller, Tarot reading, palm reading, sending reiki energy, balancing Chakra, clearing past life with reiki energy.

    I am very sensitive to energies and was born with the special gift of communicating with spirit guides and angels. I take my job seriously and am here to help you and bring certainty and peace into your life.

    ✡︎ Coffee fortune telling is a very old tradition. It is a fortune telling about both the past and the future. It informs and warns the person about upcoming events. It answers your questions about love, work, money, marriage, having children.

    ✡︎ I'll be contacting you within a few hours of purchase to ask your questions. You can ask me any question you want. (You can ask love, pregnancy, marriage, health, money, and any questions you can think of). I need your name, surname, date of birth and questions to get your fortune telling.

    ✡︎ I answer your questions within a few hours.

    ✡︎There are 2 different options available.

    Method 1. You can drink your coffee. Then you can send me the photo of the coffee you closed and I can interpret it.

    Method 2. I can drink coffee for you. Then I can post a photo of the coffee and comments.

    ✡︎ “This Will Tell Aspects Of Yourself Your Life Past Present and Future Using My Psychic Talent I Will Give You Detailed and In-depth Information.”

    I can serve you in two languages. If you want, I can interpret your fortune in Turkish or English.

    ✡︎ You can review the comments of our customers who are curious about something like you.