Real Moroccan carpet Beni Ouarain in ecru wool 300/215cm

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    Moroccan wool carpets
    Each of the rugs you will find at Henriette & Concha tells the story of a life or an event. It conveys an emotion through a unique artistic language where high wool and fabrics mix, striking colors and natural hues, drawings and patterns sometimes random, sometimes chosen voluntarily.
    Originally created out of necessity and for domestic needs, authentic carpets from Morocco are increasingly popular and have undeniably become works of art with an international reach. A wide choice of unique, exceptional pieces where several tribes are represented. Find Azilal carpets, Beni Ouarain carpets, Boucherouite carpets, Kilim carpets, and many other carpets from the M'rirt, Boujaad, M'Guild, or Talsint tribes to name a few...