Hexagon Shape Mirror Gold Silver Brown Wall Decal Wall Sticker 3 pcs

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    === MODERN Decoratve mirrors HEXAGONS ===

    Price for 3 pcs in size: 6,22" x 7,16"

    === ABOUT US ===

    Welcome! It’s great that you’ve visited our shop. If you are looking for an interesting clock, hopefully you will find it here :). I’m Marek and with my wife Edyta, we are inviting you to buy some beautiful and original wall clocks and decoratibe mirrors that we design and fold ourselves.

    The brilliance of mirrored acrylic glass is definitely comparable to that of real glass mirrors. As with conventional glass mirrors (as opposed to optical mirrors like the ones used in reflex cameras), the actual reflection takes place on the back surface of the glass: there you will find a very smooth coating of metal foil which produces the reflection whereby the light rays pass back through the glass or acrylic panel. What makes acrylic mirrors special is that they are much lighter in weight than glass ones. They are also less prone to breaking.

    === SIZE ===

    Diameter mirror : 6,22"x 7,16"

    === MONTAGE ===

    Mirror montage is fast and easy. You just need to remove the foil and clamp the element to the wall.

    === ORDER-CYCLE TIME ===

    After receiving the payment, your order will be sent maximally within 2-3 working days. We are going to inform you about that in separate e-mail with the tracking number that enables you the shipment tracking. We always rely on the perfect contact, so if you need help, advice or something opens to doubt, write us.
    We are at your disposal.

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