Coffee Mug Japanese Hand-crafted Handmade Ceramic Kiln Glazed Unique Pattern, Colour & Texture Mugs

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    The Haku Mug is the perfect Japanese Hand-crafted mug for Coffee or Tea.

    Each mug is hand painted, hand crafted, handmade unique and inspired by Mount Haku in Japan.

    Each mug is unique due to the traditional Japanese crafting method of Raku.

    Raku is a traditional Japanese method of firing pottery. The pottery is fired at very high temperatures and then placed into open-air containers filled with combustible materials.

    This method creates truly beautiful colours, textures and patterns on the pottery. By using this method no two of our mugs will ever be the same.

    Just as with our other products. We produce our Haku mugs rarely and in small batches.

    You will receive the following:

    1 Unique and handcrafted Japanese mug (400ml + Wooden Handle)

    Green Tea/Loose Leaf Tea filter

    A presentation box

    Authentication certificate

    Free Worldwide Shipping - Shipped from the UK

    When purchasing a Wabi-Sabi mug you are not only buying a beautiful and handcrafted set of mugs you are purchasing the story behind them. Our hope is that each customer will take pride in their purchase knowing all along their journey that it was produced ethically, with care and detail every step of the way. By purchasing a Wabi-Sabi, you are helping us to finance our dream whilst giving yourself the opportunity to own an original and unique product.

    Perfect gift for fathers day